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Website Management

We’ll keep the website new and secure, create a backup copy, report statistics and make sure to always be available to you

Why is Website Management Important?

Management keeps the website secure, fast and user-friendly, reducing unforeseen costs


Keeping your website up-to-date and well-maintained will help protect it from security holes and malware. This is particularly important if the website is on the WordPress platform, Worpdpress pages are often the target of attacks.

User Experience

Users expect a fast and smooth web browsing experience. Website management ensures that the page loads quickly and is error-free, which in turn helps to maintain visitor satisfaction and loyalty.

Backup Copy

Regular backups are an essential part of website management. It ensures that in the event of data loss, whether caused by a technical failure or a cyber-attack, the website can be quickly restored.

Optimising Labour Costs

Using the support of in-house specialists to manage the website allows you to avoid the cost of hiring additional in-house IT staff, while ensuring efficient site management and security.

Preventing Higher Costs

Website management helps prevent the higher costs that can result from unmaintained website failures or crashes by providing a cost-effective and efficient management solution.

Used by 92% of Clients

92% of Web Wolf Agency customers use our mamanegement service – we can help you keep your website secure, fast, user-friendly and help you avoid unnecessary costs.

Website Management

Security Monitoring

We constantly monitor the security of the website, identifying and blocking threats before they cause problems.

Renewing Images and Texts

We’ll keep your content new and relevant by helping you renew images and texts as needed.

Updating Plugins

We continuously update the plugins on the website to ensure functionality and compatibility.

Updating PHP

We boost the performance of your website by keeping the PHP version up to date with the latest standards.

Analytics Reporting

We produce analytics reports to help understand user behaviour and optimise the website.

Creating a Backup

We regularly create backups of your website to ensure that it is always protected and recoverable.

Choose a Management Service to Ensure That Your Website Runs Like Clockwork

Effective website management is often a major challenge for businesses. Problems such as outdated content, technical glitches and inadequate security can affect the credibility and user experience of a website. Such shortcomings can lose potential customers and reduce conversion rates.

Web Wolf Agency’s website management service is designed to keep your website up-to-date, secure and technically sound. Web Wolf Agency’s professional team will constantly monitor and update your website, ensuring that all content is relevant and up-to-date. We also implement the latest security measures to protect your website from potential threats.

We offer a comprehensive solution including content management, technical support and security monitoring. Our goal is to ensure that your website runs smoothly to improve visitor satisfaction and increase your company’s online visibility. With our help, your website will not only be more attractive and user-friendly, but also more secure, contributing to your business success.

Why Choose Web Wolf Agency?

Web Wolf Agency’s core values


We value direct and immediate communication. We set clear goals and expectations.


We are readily available and our internal processes are in order – simple things don’t take long. või things that are simple don’t take a long time.


We stay current with the latest technological developments. We implement the industry’s best practices.

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