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6 Essential Cornerstones for Effective Web Development

Website standards you can’t go wrong with if you want to boost your business online

Phone Version – Today's Must Have

Most people access a website via their phone. An inadequate phone version makes it difficult for users to interact with the website and visitors go to competitor sites. Having a phone version is critical.

Security Standards – Strictly Mandatory!

A secure web connection is essential. Without it, data theft is made easy. A reliable website is essential for any business, especially for online shops where protecting customer information is critical.

Working Links – a Smooth User Experience​

All links on the website must be operational. Broken links frustrate visitors and can lead them away from the site. Web links must be checked and be in working order.

Website’s Content and Messaging – the 5 Second Rule

Visitors spend an average of 5 seconds on a website. Excessive or confusing text turns customers away. The opening section should be clear and concise to quickly answer the visitor’s main questions.

The Right Structure and Design – a Good First Impression

It only takes a brief moment to make the first impression. Outdated design and inappropriate elements will result in clients losing interest. Modern, pristine design is essential to create a positive first impression.

Page Speed – the 2 Second Rule

A fast loading time is crucial for a website. Visitors will wait for a maximum of 2 seconds for a page to load. The website and its content need to load quickly to keep the visitors engaged.

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Web Wolf Agency’s Key Rules for Web Development

When developing your website we proceed on the basis of 3 key rules

Purpose of the Website

The website must boost your business. The website is a tool to achieve the business objectives of the company. If the website does not contribute to the business, there is no point in having a website. At Web Wolf Agency we will build you a website based on your business objectives.


The website must give the visitor a sense of certainty that the company is trustworthy and professional. At Web Wolf Agency, we build your website on the basis of pages, sections and elements that present you and your business as professional and trustworthy.

Clarity & Modernity

The website must effectively communicate to the visitor what the company does, what value the company offers, and guide the visitor to buy the product/service. The website must be user-friendly across all modern mediums – especially on the phone.


from 1499 £
Whether your website starts from scratch or rises like a phoenix from the ashes, one thing’s for sure: Web Wolf Agency knows how to create successful websites, and can help you dominate the market.

Website as a Service

from 119 £ / month
All the benefits that are in the “Website” solution and in addition:
Rendi meilt veebileht, mis on valmistatud spetsiaalselt sinu jaoks. Kuupõhine lahendus, mis hõlmab endas nii terviklikku kaasaegset veebilehte, veebilehe majutamist kui ka haldusteenust. Kõige eest kanname hoolt meie ise ning teie jaoks on kõik veebilehega seonduv võimalikult lihtne, mugav ja alati kontrolli all.​
Rent a website from us, made especially for you. A month-to-month solution that includes a complete modern website, website hosting and website management services. Everything is taken care of by us, so that website related is as simple, convenient and always under your control as possible.
– Creating a holistic modern website– Website hosting and everything related to it– Website management: security monitoring, customer support, editing text or images for you if necessary, adding products to your e-shop
– Convenient and saves you a lot of time– You don’t have to deal with website-related issues yourself– There are no major outlays and the website is up and running quickly– It is easy to budget your website costs– Everything is always under control, secure and updated– You can focus on what you do best– The website is always in the hands of experts

Web Development Services

Creating a Website

We design, develop and create a website for you that really sells and supports your business.

Creating an E-shop

We know how important a good e-shop is for your business. We apply the best practices in the field so that your e-shop sells.

Turn Website Visits Into Profit With Web Wolf Agency

Many businesses face the challenge of how to use their website to drive business and attract new customers. Problems such as slow loading speeds, incomplete phone versions and security vulnerabilities can affect visitor experience and trust.

Webhunt provides a high quality web development service that focuses on fast, secure and user-friendly websites. We create customised solutions optimised for both PCs and phones.

Webhunt’s solution includes the creation and optimization of a clear & modern website to improve user experience and increase conversion rates. The goal is to create a fast, secure and attractive website that drives business.

Why Choose Web Wolf Agency?

Web Wolf Agency’s core values


We value direct and immediate communication. We set clear goals and expectations.


We are readily available and our internal processes are in order – simple things don’t take long. või things that are simple don’t take a long time.


We stay current with the latest technological developments. We implement the industry’s best practices.

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