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SEO Service

AKA Search Engine Optimization

In all likelihood...

…potential customers are looking for your product or service at this very moment.

Can your website be found?

The aim of SEO is to optimise your website so that it ranks as high as possible for as many important keywords as possible in Google searches. The more high quality keywords help you rank high in search results, the more potential customers your page will attract.

SEO also increases the likelihood that potential customers will click on your website rather than a competitor’s.

“Can potential clients find my website and the services I offer?”
“Why is my website not at the top in google searches?”
“How many visits does my website have through Google?”
“How is my competition (their websites) doing?”
“Do I stand out from my competition?”
“What organic keywords is my website associated with?”
“How can I rise in Google rankings when somebody is searching for services I am offering?”
“What should I improve?”

If you can’t...

…answer the questions above, it’s worth consulting an SEO specialist. We’ll give you a clear overview of what’s happening on your website and create a plan that will lead you to success.

How is SEO Priced?

Because every business has a different goal and starting point, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

Two separate SEO projects can be very different.

The price of SEO starts from a few hundred euros and can go up to tens of thousands.

The price depends on the following factors:

We don't act on the basis of generalizations...

…each offer is based on analysis.

Organic Clicks Are Free

SEO can be used to scale a website’s visibility without constantly increasing the monthly marketing budget.

What SEO involves:

Setting Up Analytics

Every SEO project starts with setting up analytics so that we have a clear starting point and can assess the impact of changes.

Keyword and Competition Mapping

We use keyword analysis to find the right words and see how many people search for them.

Website’s Technical Improvements

From speed to canonical tags.

On-Page SEO

Page structure, URLs, titles, meta texts and more.

Content Optimisation

Optimisation of website texts.

GoogleMyBusiness Profile

GMB profile optimization and recommendations.

Building Backlinks

Building quality links.

Tracking Results

We monitor analytics and make changes if necessary.

Why Choose Web Wolf Agency?

Web Wolf Agency’s core values


We value direct and immediate communication. We set clear goals and expectations.


We are readily available and our internal processes are in order – simple things don’t take long. või things that are simple don’t take a long time.


We stay current with the latest technological developments. We implement the industry’s best practices.

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