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Google Ads Setup and Ad Account Management

We create, optimise and manage Google Ads

Would Like to Quickly Rise in Search Rankings or Compete Better With Competitor Ads?

Google Ads is a great way to get noticed quickly in searches and on other platforms – without a big investment. A big advantage of Google Ads is that you only pay for the clicks you get. So you’re not paying for useless ad space that’s collecting dust on the street or in online spaces.

If People Don't Click, You Don't Pay

You only pay for results – you only pay when a visitor comes to your site because of a relevant keyword.

Should I Use Google Ads?

Google Ads is probably a good fit for you if any of the following applies to you
Google Ads is the fastest way to attract the first interested visitors to your site.
With a low search volume, every click counts. If it goes to a competitor, you could lose a customer. With a high search volume, it’s worth thinking about SEO again. Otherwise, the cost of advertising can become too high.
Advertising can be set to a specific region. This way you don’t pay for unqualified customers.
If your competitors are advertising, there’s a good chance it’s working. Don’t fall behind.
If there is very strong SEO competition for certain pages, you can always use advertising to get ahead.

"I'm already doing Google advertising – it doesn't work or is too expensive"

If your Google ads are not optimised, they will cost more and you will get less for more.

If you’re not sure what your ad’s ROAS, Search Impression Share or Bid Strategy is, whether conversions are set up correctly and what most affects your ad’s Quality Score, then your ads won’t work well.

Not a problem, leave it to us.

Google Ads Services

Google Ads Account Audit

Don’t know how to analyse account performance yourself? That’s fine. We’ll audit your account and give you advice on how to make your ads work.


Need help or would like to hear a second opinion? Let us know.

Banner Ad

Banner advertising setup and strategy. Advertising design.

Search Advertising

Setting up search advertising, texts and strategy. Logical account structure.

Account Management

Keeping ads dynamic and optimised. Monitor changes in competition, prices and performance. We make corrections as we go.


Reporting account status and results.

Why Choose Web Wolf Agency?

Web Wolf Agency’s core values


We value direct and immediate communication. We set clear goals and expectations.


We are readily available and our internal processes are in order – simple things don’t take long. või things that are simple don’t take a long time.


We stay current with the latest technological developments. We implement the industry’s best practices.

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